14 February 2008

Plath Profiles - New online journal - submission information

This is an informational posting for those seeking to submit to Plath Profiles, a new interdisciplenary journal for Sylvia Plath studies.

Submission deadline for the first issue will be 1 April 2008. Submissions of papers, essays, book reviews, notes, and other works should be sent to Bill Buckley (email: wbuckley@iun.edu)

Volume 1* will contain highlights of the Sylvia Plath 75th Year Symposium, held in October 2007 at Oxford University.

As ever, if there are any other questions, please feel free to email me, or comment through the blog, and I'll work to get answers! Stay tuned for more information.

*Per the abstract for the session at the Symposium.


Melanie Smith said...

OOH this sounds fabulous. I presume I will be able to order/access the issue online for a fee (I hope).

Peter K Steinberg said...


I'm not sure about this. Will find out and post to blog.


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