03 July 2008

Updates to sylviaplath.info

I have made some updates to sylviaplath.info; most of it cosmetic. I've extended the tables a bit.

Also, I've re-designed the home page slightly, offering links to the individual photograph albums and book cover galleries! I hope these modifications make viewing easier! I do plan to add "next album" or "next gallery" links at some point, which might also improve your browsing experience.

I've added a book cover to the Non-English page; the Swedish edition of The Journals of Sylvia Plath, which was a recent gift. Also, there is a new copy of The Bell Jar - from the Faber paper covered editions in the 1970s.

I'm working on a new page with new content and new images! Hopefully it'll be up within a week.

A note about Plath Profiles since I know there is a lot of interest. We're waiting for final edits on about three or four papers and waiting on permissions for the use of some images.

1 comment :

Candice said...

I like the new changes! To think I've been looking at this page since I was a teenager! Good work Peter Plath. :)

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