14 January 2009

Another review of Three Women

Rhoda Koenig at The Independent somewhat coldly reviews Three Women by Sylvia Plath.

Koenig picks up on the poetry of Three Women, and some of the consistenices of language and imagery. She like the stage design and Tilly Fortune, and I think the work itself, but little else.

Simon Collings at The Oxford Times also reviews Three Women today. (added subsequently to the Koenig review and link)

Collings points out Plath's mastery as a writer, and compliments the director who ensure that "Each [voice/speaker] is in a self-contained world."

Anyone in England who has seen Three Women, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I'd love to read more opinions on this from people not necessarily being paid to criticize. Thank you in advance.

Three Women publicity photo.
L-R Elisabeth Dahl, Tilly Fortune, Lara Lemon. Credit Marilyn Kingwill

1 comment :

angelictenderbutton said...

I agree I wish for a fan to review not a critic - why, oh why am I not in London right now....wait a minute, I've never been :)

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