22 February 2009

2009 Forthcoming titles - Update

Below is an updated list of titles expected to be published this year, as could be found through various sources.

Books by Sylvia Plath:

In the US:
The Bell Jar. Harper Perennial P.S. (3 November 2009)

In the UK:
The Bell Jar. Faber & Faber 80th Anniversary Edition. (7 May 2009)
Selected Poems. Faber & Faber 80th Anniversary Edition. (7 May 2009)

Works about Sylvia Plath:

The Plath Cabinet
by Catherine Bowman. Four Way. (US: 1 April 2009/UK: 15 April 2009)
Sylvia Plath by Connie Ann Kirk. Prometheus Books. (US: 21 April 2009/UK: 1 April 2009
Sylvia Plath's Fiction: A Critical Study by Luke Ferretter. University of Edinburgh Press. (US: 15 May 2009/UK: 15 July 2009)
Plath Profiles. Volume 2. (World Wide Web: ca. August 2009)

Plath Profiles is still accepting submissions for Volume 2. If you have an essay, book review, or work inspired by Plath, consider Plath Profiles. Click here for submission guidelines and deadlines. Essays, book reviews, and poems inspired by Plath from Volume 1 have been downloaded thousands of times. Read them here. Due to delays beyond their control, Plath Profiles have had to delay publication of essays by Karen V. Kukil, Aubrey Menard, and Barbara Mossberg. Look for them in Volume 2!

Sylvia Plath continues to be the focus of writers publishing in other journals.

Annika Hagström recently published her essay "'Stasis in Darkness': Sylvia Plath as a Fictive Character" in English Studies 90:1 , 2009: 34-56. Annika spoke at the Sylvia Plath 75th Year Symposium on this very subject; it is wonderful to see it in print.

Kylie Hibbert recently published "Mirror Talk" in issue 15 of Rattapallax. "Mirror Talk" is a video inspired by Plath's poem "Mirror".


P.Viktor said...

Very much looking forward to Luke Ferretter's book - I imagine it will encompass all of Plath's ficton? Long overdue.

Have you heard anything more about The Bell Jar movie? According to imdb it has been pushed back to 2011.


Peter K Steinberg said...

Hi, thanks. Yes, Luke's book will be a wonderful addition to Plath scholarship, particularly to her fiction writing. I don't believe he's left any stone unturned.

Yes, I have heard a few things about The Bell Jar movie, of which I am not at liberty to discuss right now. I am hoping to have a posting about this shortly, however.

panther said...

As a poet, I'm particularly keen to see the publication of THE PLATH CABINET. Writing about someone by exploring their POSSESSIONS is one of my particular interests. I'm very interested to see how Bowman does this with a figure as well-known and, yes, mythical as Plath.

Thanks for keeping us up to speed, Peter.

Peter K Steinberg said...

Thank you for your comment.

I've read The Plath Cabinet. I think I need to read it again at least one more time to get a better idea of what Bowman's doing. Some of the poems were lovely, some failed to move me. Like Birthday Letters, I struggle with poetry about someone. Or, at least about someone whose biography is so well-known. There were some factual mistakes in The Plath Cabinet that were like sharp speed bumps - anyone as familiar with Plath as Bowman is should know better. Or edit better.

panther said...

Oh dear, factual mistakes annoy me too, especially in any writing about someone who is well-known.I know that poems aren't just facts, but if they get facts wrong that many readers KNOW are wrong. . . well, it grates.

When I was reading BIRTHDAY LETTERS, I got to wondering how moving I would have found them if I hadn't known the basic story. There probably are people who don't know the basic story, but how many of them read poetry ?

At some points, I found those poems to be too much about the poet (Hughes) trying to justify himself to the reader. Inevitable, I realize,but problematic.

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