17 May 2009

New Thumbnail page on Sylvia Plath Info

I'd like to call your attention to a new page on A celebration, this is, my website for Sylvia Plath. The new page is a thumbnail gallery of periodical covers which published Plath's poems, stories, etc. As I find new images they will be added. Enjoy! Many people are to be thanked for their contributions to this page. You know who you are: with deep thanks.

To introduce this page, I'm publishing here the cover of My Weekly. It was in this issue that Plath's short story "The Perfect Place" appeared on 28 October 1961. Drafted in late 1960 under the title of "The Lucky Stone", this story went unacknowledged for more than 40 years. To read more on its discovery - with the aide of Irralie Doel and Lena Friesen, see my essay in Plath Profiles.

See here also the first page of the story.


A said...

Why is it that Den of Lions was published so many times?

Peter K Steinberg said...

Hi A,

Because I wasn't paying attention. Thank you! The site is updated now.


Coastcard said...

I read your comment on the BBC site about Owen Sheers and the Plath programme. I hope you may be able to get the programme on iPlayer ... on the link here.

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