30 July 2009

Two Plath events

One: If you are in the Northampton, Mass. area this summer and fall, you might want to stop by the William Alan Neilson Library to see their exhibit on Yaddo, "Unconquered by Flames: The Literary Lights at Yaddo", curated by the amazing Karen V. Kukil. The exhibit opens in mid–August and continues through October.

Two: If you are in St. Petersburg, Florida, you can see Paul Alexander's biased play Edge on stage at a theatre called The Studio@620. No longer starring Angelica Torn, this Edge stars Marcy J. Savasano.

620 First Ave. S.,
St. Petersburg, Florida

When: August 6-9, 13-16, 2009, Thurs, Fri, Sat @ 7:00 pm, Sunday Matinees @ 1:00 pm
Pricing: $30 front row seating, $25 general admission, $15 students and seniors,
Web: studio620.org


Bobby Plasencia said...

Out of curiosity, what is biased about the play Edge? I don't know anything about the play.

Peter K Steinberg said...

Hi Bobby,

Thanks for your comment. If you're familiar with Alexander's biography of Plath, Rough Magic, it will give you a good sense as to what to expect from his play "Edge." It's an hysterical rant! Alexander lets loose probably everything he had to hold back from his book; it's heavily, obsessively, and very nastily anti-Hughes. At least the version I saw in NYC in 2003. As it is a more or less "creative" work, perhaps I shouldn't be so sensitive about it? The words he gives to Plath are more an expression of Alexander's more or less contempt for Hughes than something that might be factually correct and responsible. Perhaps I'm not explaining in what way I found it to be biased and perhaps that was a bad word to use?


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