09 August 2009

Plath Profiles 2 Online Now!

With pleasure it is announced that Plath Profiles 2 is now online. Contributors include:

Maria Johnston: Sylvia Plath’s Vital Presence in Contemporary Irish Poetry
Toni Saldivar: “Gleaning the Unsaid Off the Palpable”: Seamus Heaney’s Response to Sylvia Plath
Nephie Christodoulides: My Beautiful Fusion with the Things of the World
Brittney Moraski: The Missing Sequel: Sylvia Plath and Psychiatry
Dianne M. Hunter: Family Phantoms: Fish, Watery Realms, and Death in Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes
Ralph Didlake, M. D.: Medical Imagery in the Poetry of Sylvia Plath
Chetan Deshmane: Sylvia Plath: Antigone of Our Times?

Kim Brigford: Sylvia Plath
Sheila Hamilton: Walking in the Underworld
Christine Walde: Two Poems
Teresa Laye:Six Poems
Jim Long:Two Poems
Jennifer Karmin: Two Poems
Jennifer Yaros: The Hunted
Laurie Eckhout: Your Presence Confirmed
W. K. Buckley: American Engines

Smita Agarwal: Lady Lazarus in Hindi
Ana Osan: El instante/The Moment

Student Poetry
Neil Newton: Question on Poetic Arson
S. Kivrack: In Memoriam
Brittany Scott: Demons

Special Feature
Gail Crowther and Peter K. Steinberg: These Ghostly Archives

Amanda Golden: Sylvia Plath’s Teaching Syllabus: A Chronology
Jennifer Yaros: Sylvia Plath in 3-D: High School Students Analyze Plath
J. L.: A Note on Teaching Plath or Dickinson in High School

Kristina Zimbakova: Mad Girl

Smita Agarwal: Page from a Diary
George Fitzgerald: Birthday Boy on Azalea Path
Jamie E. Bourne: Lady Lazarus Wants a Room of Her Own: On Writing for Therapy

Kerry Wood: Reflections on “Mirror” and “Metaphors”

Luke Ferretter: Review of Bethany Hicok, Degrees of Freedom: American Women Poets and the Women’s College, 1905-1955
Luke Ferretter: Review of Ellen Miller, Releasing Philosophy, Thinking Art: A Phenomenological Study of Sylvia Plath’s Poetry
Kim Bridgford: Review of Catherine Bowman, The Plath Cabinet
Isabel Pérez Montalván: Review of Poesía Completa by Sylvia Plath, translated by Xoan Abeleira
Luke Ferretter: A Fine White Flying Myth of One’s Own: Sylvia Plath in Fiction – A Review Essay


Melanie Smith said...

Downloading now. Very excited Peter!

Sorlil said...

I've been looking forward to this for ages!

Peter K Steinberg said...

Melanie, I hope you like it!

Sorlil, would you be mad if I said I read it back in June? We're excited it's up and hope that you enjoy this issue. If you've got a Plath inspired or Plath-dedicated poem, please consider Plath Profiles. From what I've read on your blog, I should think Plath Profiles 3 would be better for your submission(s)...


Sorlil said...

That's kind of you to say so Peter, I'll have a think about it. June eh, I guess one of the perks of being on the editorial board!

BridgetAnna said...

Great, great, great! Loved the issue. Look forward to many, many more.

Peter K Steinberg said...

Dear BridgetAnna,

Thanks, this is wonderful to know!!


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