17 November 2009

Elena Ciobanu's Sylvia Plath's Poetry: The Metamorphoses of the Poetic Self

Elena Ciobanu, Lecturer at Vasile Alecsandri, University of Bacau, Romania, recently had her book Sylvia Plath's Poetry: The Metamorphoses of the Poetic Self published by Casa Editoriala Demiurg in Romania.

Elena's book is an excellent study of Sylvia Plath's poetry. She builds upon previous critical works and theoretical approaches whilst infusing it with her own original reading.

Ciobanu's Sylvia Plath's Poetry: The Metamorphoses of the Poetic Self is a serious work. I'll be honest, much of it was over my own limited intellect. But be that as it may, I found her writing clear and her approach fresh. Perhaps my favorite part of the book is the third chapter, "The Phenomenological Unfolding of Sylvia Plath's Poetic Existence", on pages 132-135, which deal with Plath's "Empty Ectasy". Here Elena details "the five poems in which we can find Plath's most famous trademark images of so-called transcendence". She takes us carefully through the chronological order of these poems, constructing for me a crystal clear pathway from "Stings" to "Fever 103" to "Ariel" to "Purdah" to "Lady Lazarus" that best exemplifies Plath's poetic achievements in October 1962. It is writing and criticism at its finest.

Potential readers should know that the book has some typographical errors and some imperfect quotes introduced during the editorial process. A familiarity with the quoted work will alleviate any confusion but does lead to a little frustration. But, let this not dissuade you from reading this work.

The website for the publisher is: http://www.ceddemiurg.ro/. Please note, the publisher's website is in Romanian; however, the book is in English. If you are interested in ordering this title, please email Elena who will be able to assist. The book is 10 Dollars or 7 Euros or 6 Pounds, plus shipping.


Sorlil said...

Sounds great, thanks for this. Any idea of the price in pounds or US dollars?

Peter K Steinberg said...

Very good question. I've asked Elena and will update the blog when I hear back.


PS: And congrats on your second baby!

Peter K Steinberg said...

I have updated the blog to reflect the price of Elena Ciobanu's book, which is 10 Dollars or 7 Euros or 6 Pounds, plus shipping.

Sorlil said...

Brilliant, thanks Peter! It's my birthday soon so I'm gathering a list of poetry or Plath books to buy and I'm really liking the sound of this one.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very interesting title. Thank you.

Elena Ciobanu said...

There are indeed two places in the book where the pronoun "I" is missing, but for those who will purchase a copy, I will neatly make the corrections myself in the book, so... do not worry at all, everything has been taken care of! Elena Ciobanu

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