04 May 2010

Exhibition: Goodine in Macedonia

The following was sent to me by artist Kristina Zimbakova.

There will be a solo exhibition of Linda Adele Goodine’s photographic and video art at the National Gallery of Macedonia, in the city of Skopje, May 11th-24th, 2010. Two series of photography - “Seneca Honey” and “Gibson Lemon” - will be on display. The “Seneca Honey” series and the video artwork “Bee Asana: The Healing of Plath” are both inspired by the Bee Sequence poems
of Sylvia Plath. The video and part of the photographs were also presented during Sylvia Plath’s 75th Year Symposium in Oxford in Oct 2007.

Literary references have always been a rich source of inspiration for Goodine’s art. Albeit known as a distinguished poet and writer, Plath was deeply influenced by visual art, and, in turn, she has influenced a generation of artists from a wide range of disciplines. Photographer Goodine created compositions by directly placing objects and herself on a digital flat bed scanner. She also created large life-size constructed sets that encompassed figures, honey, bees, and hives, in Indianapolis and on site in upstate New York, at the honey farm where her friends had grown up.

The “Bee Asana: The Healing of Plath” multi-media format artwork consists of digital stills translated into a narrative sequence. Quotes from Plath’s four famous Bee Sequence poems provide a parallel textual reference that articulates the movement of the piece.

Linda Adele Goodine is Professor of Photography at Herron School of Art and Design within Indiana University/Purdue University in Indianapolis, USA.

The illustration at the top of this post is Goodine's "Buckwheat."


Kristina Zimbakova said...

Here is the link for Goodine's interview given for a Macedonian TV:

Peter K Steinberg said...


Thanks for posting this link to the YouTube interview!!!!


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