18 May 2010

Sylvia Plath in Firsts

The May 2010 issue of Firsts: The Book Collector's Magazine, features a cover story on Sylvia Plath and Olive Higgins Prouty. The blurb on the website, complete with a disgusting factual inaccuracy, compellingly suggests, "Perhaps it is time to look at her work from a more objective point of view" Couldn't agree more, but you should start by getting the facts right!

I have a copy on the way to me, but thought I would pass along the heads up in case your local bookshop is a carrier.

Other new-old stuff:
Harold Bloom is at it again (would he do it one year in every ten!). This time he has reprinted Wendy Martin's 1973 essay "'God's Lioness': Sylvia Plath, Her Poetry and Prose" in The Taboo, part of Bloom's Literary Themes (pages 157-164). I do not think Plath will feature in the forthcoming Bloom's Literary Themes book on Doughnuts.

1 comment :

Nic said...

One year in every ten indeed...

He also fits the marble heavy definition as well.

I'm sorry, Mr. Bloom.

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