02 August 2010

Plath Profiles 3 cover

This is the (lo-res) cover of Plath Profiles 3!


Kristina Zimbakova said...

Oh, my...! the rose, such a great symbol in Plath. 'You give me two children, two roses'. Thanks for having mercy upon us by releasing this, Peter.

And I forgot to tell you, your intro to Plath BBC audio did not make me sleep :-), in fact I read it a couple of times. And Plath performance of Mushrooms is riveting.

Peter K Steinberg said...


I hope the cover was worth the wait and the hype.

And thank you for the comments on the CD intro! Very, very much appreciated. I tried to send a copy to Lindsey in prison but it was returned.


Julia said...

"Flickers among the flat pink roses. I wake to listen."

Peter K Steinberg said...

Yes, indeed!!


Kristina Zimbakova said...

To carry on with the instances of the 'roses' motif, in line with the PP cover:

"...wall paper frieze of cabbage-roses and cornflowers..." (The Thin People)

Peter K Steinberg said...

Very nice Kristina! This would be another instance of Plath's uncanny ability to predict the future (to a degree) for this poem was written several years prior to the selection and installation of the wallpaper in her London flat.



theburningdisc said...

@ Kristina

I agree. "Mushrooms" was the first poem of Plath's I had ever read, but to hear her speak it was a different experience altogether. It's a shame she didn't do a reading of "Mirror"; that would have been riveting as well.

Melanie Smith said...

Just beautiful Peter, and poignant.

Hope Lindsay reads her copy from cover to cover... guest essayist next edition?

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