07 September 2010

Call for Papers and Submissions for Plath Profiles 4, Summer 2011

While you all have been enjoying Plath Profiles 3, we've begun work for Volume 4. The following has been posted on Plath Profiles for your attention and consideration.

As Guest Editor for Plath Profiles 4, I invite submissions which explore the idea of Plath and Place via essays, art work, photography and poems that examine the importance of places and spaces for Plath in her own life and work. The notion of secular pilgrimage seems to be strongly associated with Plath and yet today, with the rise of the internet, both pilgrimage and geography in many ways are not quite as stable as they may have once seemed; for example, with Google street view we can (virtually) walk the streets Plath walked in any country she visited. And while literary pilgrimage may be nothing new, the motivations for people visiting the site of a poem or a journal entry are multifaceted. I have recently become interested in the idea of surrogate authorship, that is, one reason why people enjoy places associated with Plath is that they can see a place which she then transformed into a text or a poem and in some way feel a part of that creative transformation. However, I am sure there are many other reasons and ideas out there that would make wonderful essays, art work, or other contributions to me by 1 April 2011. Please be sure to read the submission guidelines below before submitting your work.

Gail Crowther, University of Lancaster

Essays on Sylvia Plath and Place should be submitted via email to Gail Crowther; please read the Submissions Guidelines for more information.


Annika said...

Are you sure you mean 1 April 2010? Sounds like an interesting focus for the issue!

Peter K Steinberg said...


Good catch. Wanna be an editor!

Should be, and now is 2011. That was my fault, not Gail's. And it illustrates the point that one really should not Plath on an empty stomach. I find myself to be a repeat offender of this maxim. I won't change for now, but will consider making this a New Year's Resolution (so I can break it) it 2010. I mean 2011.


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