11 September 2010

New Poetry Collection Features 3 Plath-Inspired Poems

Recently published by BOA Editions is Burning of the Three Fires by Jeanne Marie Beaumont. Beaumont’s new collection includes three poems from her suite of poems on Sylvia Plath. The good news about this is that there are more poems in the suite! I first learned of Beaumont and her Plath poems in the journal Court Green which featured a Dossier on Plath in their fifth issue.

Re-reading the two Court Green poems in Burning of the Three Fires --“[EXIT CORPSE]” and “Channeling Sylvia: 8-Ball (Interrogation)” -- again brings to my mind Beaumont’s freshness, playfulness, and originality of poetic interpretation and inspiration. The third poem “Hail” was new to me and is a seamless fit into her Suite.

Congratulations Jeanne Marie!

P.S. If you like "[EXIT CORPSE]" which takes its lines from Plath's novel The Bell Jar, you might also like Sarah Nichols' "An Air Crackling With Blue Light" from Plath Profiles 3.

1 comment :

Julia said...

Nice! I will try and support my poetic colleagues and pick this up.

I enjoyed Sarah Nichols' work, too. Especially the creativity of "An Air Crackling with Blue Light" using all Plath's own lines. That's a brilliant idea (Argh! Punny!).

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