03 September 2010

Three Women Cast Announcement

From 5-31 October at New York City's 59E59 Theaters, you can see Three Women by Sylvia Plath, directed by Robert Shaw.

Robert recently sent me the cast list with the intention that this blogs readers be amongst the first to know!

The full cast is:

The Wife - Francis Benhamou
The Secretary - Angela Church
The Student - Kina Bermudez

If anyone out there is planning to attend and feels charitable to assist in bringing Three Women to New York & to an American audience, please consider a donation to Three Women's page on Kickstarter, a fund-raising project started by the director. There is even a short video excerpt of one of the previous performances.

Lastly, the event that is Three Women is now on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Peter and Robert for sharing this information.

Robert Shaw said...

A huge thank you to Peter for being the first to donate to the Kickstarter page. We're on our way. Please give this some thought. We are not for profit and we need all the support we can get to make Three Women the best it can be. Best regards, Robert Shaw.

Peter K Steinberg said...

Thank you Robert. It was a pleasure to contribute and I greatly look forward to the performances.

For the readers of the blog: I do not ask for much, but if you enjoy this blog, please consider contributing to Three Women via Kickstarter. We can all benefit from a little kindness and even if you can't attend, by contributing you'll ensure that those that do attend enjoy the show that much more.


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