15 March 2011

Tuesday Night Sylvia Plath links

Thanks to Jescie for the following two goodies:

1) Here is a mix of Sylvia Plath reading her poem “A Birthday Present” with mixed up with the Cure’s "Off To Sleep," Lost Wishes.

2) And, a couple weeks back Jescie sent me “Nude in a Glass Dome” (1916) by Richard Teschner.

And, there is a play out in Califnornia by Steve Lyons called Mystery Spot that features Plath coming back for “some unfinished business.” Here is an article about the play by Kel Munger from the Sacramento News & Review and a review of the play by Rachel Aquino in the Sacramento Press.

I will resume with the exciting auction recap in a couple of days...


Julia said...

I love the Cure, and Plath goes without saying, but I am not crazy about this mix. The two feel like they're competing with each other. Still, I like that people care enough about Plath, and this great poem, to want to keep it alive in different ways. And not by accident. ;-)

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting picture, but how is the "Nude in a Glass Dome” (1916) relevant to Plath exactly? Because it depicts a light-haired woman encased inside a sort of bell jar? What connections to Plath or rather Plath's work do people find here, if any?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Julia here and not really liking the two together. & the poem isn't complete, is it? I think I will keep my Plath and my Cure separated as I do my potatoes and peas on the dinner plate.

& I'm not really getting the "Nude" either; as an image of a woman in a bell jar I guess it relates. Does Plath mention Teschner's works, can you?


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