05 July 2011

Plath Profiles 4 Online NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Plath Profiles 4 is now available for your reading pleasure. Contributors and contributions include:

Editor's Note by W. K. Buckley


Sylvia Plath in Belfast by Gerald Dawe

"I am, in my deep soul, happiest on the Moors": The Impact of Dealing with the World Beyond the Shores of the United States in the Life and Work of Sylvia Plath by Maeve O'Brien

Dreaming Houses and Stilled Suburbs: Sylvia Plath and the American Ranch Home by Liz Spies

The 'Dead Mother' Effect on a Daughter by Susan E. Schwartz

Red Earth, Motherly Blood: Articulating Sylvia Plath's Anxieties of Motherhood by Jemma L. King

"Fever 103": The Fall of Man; the Rise of Woman by Julia Gordon-Bramer

Sylvia Plath: The Woman Who Gave Up Her Voice by Bradley Shewaga

To See What She Saw: The Influence of Sylvia Plath by Jamie Jost

Special Feature

These Ghostly Archives 3 by Gail Crowther & Peter K. Steinberg

Plath and Place: Essays, Poems, and Artwork
Edited by Gail Crowther

Plath and Place: Introduction by Gail Crowther

Poet on the Edge of the Sea by Ronald Hayman

Plath on Place: Winthrop

A Perfectly Beautiful Time: Sylvia Plath at Camp Helen Storrow by Peter K. Steinberg

Plath on Place: Lookout Farm

On the Road with Sylvia and Ted: Plath and Hughes's 1959 Trip Across America by David Trinidad

Plath on Place: Wellesley

The Best Resurrections: Letter from Yaddo by Anna Journey

Plath on Place: Yaddo

"The Wild Beauty I Found There": Plath's Connemara by Gail Crowther

Plath on Place: Connemara

Private Ground by Jennifer Yaros

Plath on Place: North Tawton

Mr & Mrs Hughes, Camping by Christine Walde

Plath on Place: Public Garden, Boston

Heptonstall by P. H. Davies

Plath on Place: Haworth

Stubbing Wharf (without the 'e') by Jemma L. King

Plath on Place: Hebden Bridge

Two Poems by Morney Wilson

Plath on Place: Chalcot Square

Two Poems by David Trinidad

Plath on Place: Court Green

Those Places We Dwelled In by Kathleen Aponick

Plath on Place: Court Green

Troublous Wringing of Hands (Ocean) and Out of the Shoe and into the Cauldron by Kristina Zimbakova


Teaching Sylvia Plath: An Avenue from the Personal to the Collective by Kimberly Mahler

Student Essays

Defamiliarization in the Domestic Poetry of Sylvia Plath by Lauren Zane

Taking on a Mourning Her Mother Never Bothered With: Esther's Anguished Memory and Her Resistance to a Domestic Life in Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar by Lauren Ashley Benard

Plath: Poetry as a Journey, not a Form of Shamnism by Stephanie Ford

Johnny Panic: A Journey to the Bog of Madness by Jennifer Dobson


Riding Horseback with Sylvia Plath by Lyn Lifshin

Two Poems by Morney Wilson

Which Orphan Will Be Mannerly at the Table? by Andrea Watson

The Light of the Mind, Cold and Planetary by Jennifer Juneau

Three Poems by Hafizah Geter

For Sylvia by Cheryl Diane Kidder

Two Poems by Diann Blakely

Coiled by Juliet Cook

Mowing After Reading Sylvia Plath by Chrisi Concus

Ruin by Jennifer Yaros

From Sylvia to Me by Jeanne Fielder

You Sylvia (in Serbian and English) by Duska Vrhovac


"The Applicant" into Portuguese by Maria Rita Drummond Viana

"Winter Trees" into Hindi by Smita Agarwal


Lady Lazarus by Linda Kosciewicz-Fleming

The Lilly Library: Photographing Plath by Vanessa Hurley


Reading Plath at Nineteen by Nancy Freeman

Briefly Noted by Amanda Golden


Hughes Reviews by Gillian Groszewski

Review of the British Library's The Spoken Word: Sylvia Plath and The Spoken Word: Ted Hughes: Poems and Short Stories by Carol Bere

Review of Luke Ferretter's Sylvia Plath's Fiction: A Critical Study by Amanda Golden

Review of Heather Clark's The Grief of Influence: Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes by Amanda Golden

Wish I Had More Theater Like This by Nina Solomita

Advertisement: Representing Sylvia Plath (eds. Tracy Brain and Sally Bayley, Cambridge University Press)

Read the issue without delay!


Melanie Smith said...

Hurrah! As always fabulous.

Peter K Steinberg said...

Exceedingly kind of you to say!


Marion McCready said...

Fantastic issue, Peter!

Peter K Steinberg said...

Marion! Thanks! But I must share any credit with Gail Crowther and Bill Buckley, as well as all the many contributors.


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