10 October 2011

Davies on Representing Sylvia Plath

P. H. Davies has recently reviewed Cambridge University Presses book Representing Sylvia Plath, edited by Sally Bayley and Tracy Brain.  As we've come to know, Davies has a keen eye and a knack for critical perspective, this review is no different.

The book's publication date was in flux for a while but it does appear now to be available in the United States (though CUP's website still says it is not available, some other booksellers do list it as in stock and available). In addition to the traditional monograph format, Amazon.com is offering Representing Sylvia Plath in a Kindle edition.

I hope to offer my own review for your consumption in a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

What a great review my Mr. Davies. I enjoy his insights very much. I hope he writes an essay for Plath Profiles one day.

The front and back cover of that book are just hideous. "Hold me"???? Vine represents the worst of Plath's artistic interpretations I've ever seen.

-Tad Petty

The Plath Diaries said...

Looking forward to your review Peter! I'm excited to get my paws on this book as soon as I can!

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