21 January 2012

Sylvia Plath links and an article

The following is a newer article on Sylvia Plath:

Rogers, Janine and Charlotte Sleigh. "'Here is my Honey-Machine': Sylvia Plath and the Mereology of the Beehive." The Review of English Studies. November 21, 2011: 1-18.

Vote for Plath! Plath is listed among Beacon Hill's most famous/notable residents (see the 18th image; would've been better if she was the 59th). You can vote here! Plath also made the Wellesley page (see page 13). Nevermind the few errors (the suicide attempt was at age 20; Plath did not live in Concord)...

And, please do not miss Plathery's birthday cake. It is not a "cake of soap," though there is a dish detergent called Ariel in England. Can't we just picture Plathery "Measuring the flour, cutting off the surplus"??

1 comment :

Melanie Smith said...

Love it! That's some admirable obsession.

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