20 February 2012

Free Sylvia Plath

On 11 February 2012, luxbooks (Weisbaden, Germany) started the campaign: Help Us Free Sylvia Plath. luxbooks is a small German Independent Publisher focusing on American poetry in bilingual editions.

The campaign to "Free Sylvia Plath" involves the German language rights for Sylvia Plath's still untranslated debut poetry collection The Colossus. For decades, the rights have been blocked by an option held by a bigger publishing house based in Berlin. However, they have not exercised their option will not allow for any other publishing house to publish the book.

luxbooks is quite small and cannot compete with bigger publishing houses. So they decided to start a crowd-funding project on indiegogo to raise the funds necessary to make a competitive offer to unblock and buy the German language rights from the original publishing house. More about the planned edition, the possibility to donate, more info about the campaign and many links to the campaign's twitter-, facebook- and youtube-accounts can be found at the link above.


Anonymous said...

The better way to go about this would be to sell subscriptions to the book as non-German readers may not be inclined to pay for this.

Anna said...

I always wondered why The Collected Poems haven't been translated into German! What a crazy world!

I'll definitely spread the word!!!

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