28 March 2012

The Colossus: A False History of Sylvia Plath & Ted Hughes

Thanks to S Miles for alerting us to the following video: "The Colossus."   Per the anonymous contributor to IMDB, "The Colossus" is "a falsified account of the romance between authors Sylvia Plath & Ted Hughes that ended in her death and his public disgrace. Through the words they shared with the world, The Colossus tries to uncover the emotion brimming beneath their love and its slow demise." Quite a strange little video starring Laura Jorgenson and Scout Tafoya... After watching this video, "I am none the wiser."

1 comment :

Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

An interesting artistic experiment, I suppose. The girl looked quite a bit like Plath in some moments. I was glad they called it "A falsified account," instead of trying for some big cerebral message. I see it just as a collage of moments and words from them both.

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