16 April 2012

Information on Gerald Hughes book about Ted Hughes

On 4 April, the post "Ted Hughes News" had brief information about a forthcoming title by Ted Hughes' brother Gerald.  Well, The Telegraph has just published "Ted Hughes brother to write memoir". It is a brief article but gives us something to mull over until the book Ted and I is published by Jeremy Robson this fall. Not sure how much Sylvia Plath material will be in there, but we can look forward to reading it nonetheless.

Thanks to ~VC for the information.


A Piece of Plathery said...

Thank you Peter, I like the photo in the article.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian have a piece on it too, quoting the editor and Frieda Hughes:


It also includes a quote from a 1962 letter from TH to Gerald about his marital separation: "The one factor that nobody but quite close friends can comprehend, is Sylvia's particular death-ray quality. In many of the most important ways, she's the most gifted and capable and admirable woman I've ever met – but, finally, impossible for me to live married to."


Peter K Steinberg said...

Plathery - you're welcome!

~VC - thanks for the comment and the link. You're being very good at keeping us all up to date, especially as my Google news subscription appears to ignore stories with Plath's name in it now. Very much appreciated!


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