19 May 2012

Full Moon and Assia Wevill

Biographically, 50 years ago this weekend was a significant one for Sylvia Plath. It was that weekend that David and Assia Wevill visited Court Green. According to Plath's 1962 Letts Royal Office Tablet Diary, the Wevill's arrived on Friday 18 May. She made gingerbread and beef stew. At 6:40, Plath also had a note that there was a German program on the BBC.  Saturday, 19 May, there was a full moon; and the day is clean from responsibilities save for Plath making a note about Nancy [Axworthy]. Sunday 20 May, the only note is that there was an Italian broadcast on at 3:10.

And, of course, on Monday 21 May, Plath grabbed sheets of her typescript draft of The Bell Jar, turned the pages over, and wrote "The Rabbit Catcher" (originally titled "Snares") and "Event" (originally titled "Quarrel") because something went seriously wrong.


The Plath Diaries said...

Fascinating, Peter! Thanks for letting us know!

Melanie Smith said...

Thank you Peter. They are both wonderful, strong poems, and they definitely reflect that something shifted that weekend. Oh the fraught unravelling of it all.

I should teach Event next year.

Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

I love that Julio brought the tarot into this. :-) Yes, yes, yes. I believe that there are no coincidences.

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