23 May 2012

Sylvia Plath's "antique museum-cased lady" on Display

Maev Kennedy at The Guardian just rocked my world with her news article, "Gnawed Roman skeleton that inspired Sylvia Plath poem goes on display." I'm so glad Kennedy mentioned that six years after penning the poem Plath killed herself because it is entirely relevant to the exhibit. Sarcasm aside, the embedded video is interesting, for video of the woman, the mouse, and the shrew, see about 4 minutes 22 seconds into it; though the whole video is well done.


suki said...

HI Peter
Some one else has read the article and who has suggested that the comment about Plath's death was unnecessary.
I added something as well.

On another topic, a friend sent me a set of the stamps today!!!! How fantastic!!!

Peter K Steinberg said...

Hi Suki! I'm glad that you got some of those poets stamps!

Thanks for your comment here, too. You've made an excellent point on The Guardian comments thread, too. I suspect that discussing the Cambridge poems in any detail - or Plath's experiences there - would have lessened the dramatic flare that every article that mention Plath needs. Perhaps I'm too cynical, perhaps it's too early in the morning...


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