19 July 2012

Further Update re: Sylvia Plath 2012 Symposium

Following up to the update post from 11 July 2012 regarding the Sylvia Plath 2012 Symposium, just thought you might want to know that some of the panels have been expanded or modified in some way based on subsequent abstract submissions and the general craziness of organizing such an event.

The Plath and motherhood is now: Plath and Motherhood/Domesticity

The Plath and Sexton/Plath and Hughes texts is now two panels: Plath and Sexton/Lowell and Plath and Hughes/The Two Ariels

and a new category for these (instead of other Plath works):

Plath's effects and influences

The Bell Jar and Transitional Poems

More updates will be made as they are known and necessary. Thanks for reading!


Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

Any word on when the actual schedule will be developed? I am hoping that not too much of this stuff will be going on simultaneously as, of course, it all sounds fascinating.

Peter K Steinberg said...


No I don't know when the final schedule will be ready: the schedule is being developed now, but it's not final (if I can speak for Kathleen who is doing an amazing job AGAIN). there are going to be simultaneous panels going on: that's the nature of symposiums. But with any luck there will be enough interest in people keeping notes that can be posted on this blog!


Peter K Steinberg said...

There will be 5 concurrent panels in two segments on Friday, and another set of panels on Saturday am for those who cannot be here on Friday. All panels are made up of three papers, and they are tightly timed (and the rooms are within a few feet of each other) so one can pop out of one panel to see a paper in another (no need to sit through an entire panel unless you want to).


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