11 July 2012

Update to Sylvia Plath 2012 Symposium

Many of this blog's readers might be interested in an update on the Sylvia Plath 2012 Symposium to be held in October at Indiana University at Bloomington, Indiana. Well, you will be satisfied by this post I hope.

Please note that abstracts to present a paper on a panel are still being accepted and will be considered through September, or until spaces are all filled. If you do not yet have your full abstract, but plan to attend, please send the topic heading asap to Kathleen Connors at plath70ATindianaDOTedu.

Sylvia Plath Symposium 2012 confirmed featured speakers to date:

Janet Badia on Ms. Magazine's contribution to Plath readership

Catherine Bowman on poetic process; use of the Plath archives

Tracy Brain on Plath and the medical world

Bill Buckley on five years of publishing Plath Profiles journal and international participants

Lynda K. Bundtzen on Plath's 1958 poems and the unconscious, the Bee Sequence poems, and "A Self to Recover" exhibition works of Linda Adele Goodine, Boris Lurie, Kristina Zimbakova, Stella Vine.

Heather Clark on Otto Plath's FBI files, Plath’s German heritage

Ross Gay on poetic process

Amanda Golden on Plath in Devon, Modernism and "Lady Lazarus"

Linda Adele Goodine on creative process and the unconscious; "Bee Asana: The Healing of Plath" video and "Seneca Honey Series" photos

Langdon Hammer on literary biography; James Merrill's use of the Ouija in poetry; Plath's German, "Daddy"

Suzie Hanna and Tim Simmons on use of the Lilly Library archives and "The Girl Who Could Be God" animation and music

Christoph Irmscher on the use of Lilly Library archives in teaching

Karen V. Kukil on the use of Smith College Plath archives in teaching; "Fever 103°" and its archival references

Peter K. Steinberg on Plath Profiles and Sylvia Plath Info online sites; Plath and The New Yorker

David Trinidad on poetic process; use of the Plath archives in poetry; Plath's biographical references in October Poems.

Panels on:

Plath and Motherhood/Maternity

Plath and nature/place

Plath and female embodiment/suffering

Plath influence on international poets

Plath and Sexton/Plath and Hughes texts

Plath and publishing/publishers

Plath and death, psychic suffering and creativity

Plath and religion

Plath and artistic identity/poetics

Plath influences from Sitwell/Dickinson

Single poems: "The Thin People"; "A Birthday Present"; "Daddy"; "Lady Lazarus"; "Ariel"

Theoretical interpretations of Ariel

Non-Ariel texts: The Bell Jar, transitional poems

Are you presenting? Are you coming to just attend? What do you think of the program thus far? More details will be posted as they become available. I plan on live blogging from the Symposium, as well as live tweeting. So if you cannot make it, I hope to be able give you a sense of what it is like for the events and panels that I attend; and I hope to possibly coordinate blog updates with fellow attendees in events and panels that I opt not to attend.

An official Symposium website will be up in the near future.


Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

I am very excited to be presenting on "Ariel," and of course, to meet everyone in person!

The Plath Diaries said...

So exciting Peter! I will probably not know for sure whether I can attend/present until the end of August but fingers firmly crossed!

Melanie Smith said...

What a fabulous line up so far, sigh, if only

Kristina Zimbakova said...

So, for those of us who will not attend, you will be our Very Special Correspondent from the SCENE OF MAGIC.Thanks in advance!

Peter K Steinberg said...

I will hope to be, indeed, a very special in-the-field correspondent, reporting from the trenches, etc.

I think there must be a way to Skype the panels or featured speakers. is there a way to do this?


Kristina Zimbakova said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kristina Zimbakova said...

With skype it would be easy I think. But I know of this option http://www.ustream.tv, which is free. I have seen exhibits streamed there. And about the Symposium show, to have the work of the legendary artist Boris Lurie is such an honour for all of us.

Lauren Ashley Benard said...

I already purchased my ticket. I am presenting on the female embodiment and suffering panel. I look forward to meeting so many inspirational people!

Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

Hopefully nearer to the event we can rally 'round the blog here, and all of us going can make plans to meet for coffee or something to kick things off.

Lauren Ashley Benard said...

I agree!

Peter K Steinberg said...

Kristina - Well, we'll have to see what accommodations IUB may be able to make for this kind of thing.

Lauren - See you there! Can't wait to meet you! Loved your Plath Profiles 4 paper and look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Julia - Thanks for the suggestion and your seeming willingness. It'll be a "B" meeting. (B as in Bloomington. B as in Blog. B as in I'm a dork). I've got dibs on the role of the sexton.


Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

You may 'B' a sexton, Peter. Does this mean we'll be looking at B(ee) Poems too? Har dee har har. Too much heat here in the Midwest, folks!

Lauren and Peter, I look forward to meeting you both. Feels funny to say to Peter as we've "known" each other digitally now for several PP issues.

BridgetAnna said...


Thanks for the update.

Looks like a great time--
Keep us posted!


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