20 August 2012

Small Update Regarding Sylvia Plath 2012 Symposium

I am told that the website for the Sylvia Plath 2012 Symposium will be up on 27 August!!

For those who will fly into Indianapolis, you will take a shuttle bus (the Bloomington Shuttle) to get to Bloomington. It is about a 50 minutes ride south. There are two hotels put aside -- one for $100 a night for two, one for $60-70 a night for two -- but I do not have - yet the names of these hotels.


BridgetAnna said...

Pls do let us know the names of the two hotels when you find out! Thanks so much for all the updates, Peter.

Kristina Zimbakova said...

My comment is not directly related to the post but given that the Symposium is mainly dedicated to Ariel and the October poems, I thought about a quote by the legendary British artist Francis Bacon:

“My painting is not violent, it’s life that is violent. Even within the most beautiful landscape, in the trees, under the leaves, the insects are eating each other; violence is a part of life. We are born with a scream; we come into life with a scream and maybe love is a mosquito net between the fear of living and the fear of death.”

The Ariel collection is a scream perfected.Alhough 'perfection is terrible'.

suki said...

Hi Peter
Katheleen sent me this information
. We have two hotels set aside for Plath Symposium registrants, where the cost for double occupancy is the same for single:
The Hampton Inn (2 ½ star, $112 a night including tax) and Summerhouse Inn (2 star, $67 for weekday, $77 for weekend including tax) and there is an option to request a share on the registration form (your email address will be made available to those looking for shares).

Peter K Steinberg said...

Kristina - Brilliant comment!

Suki! Thanks for the information, I know this will be helpful to a lot of attendees!


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