17 October 2012

The Sylvia Plath Cookbook: A Satire

Eckhard Gerdes has recently had published his The Sylvia Plath Cookbook: A Satire.

From lulu.com, "The second in Sugar Glider Press' series of smaller works, Eckhard Gerdes' The Sylvia Plath Cookbook: A Satire is the clever story of a writer toying with the idea of putting together a piece on the tragic poet. As his obsession seems on the verge of permanently distracting him, it is Sylvia herself who emerges from her doom to set him free."

You can purchase Gerdes slim satire from the publisher or Amazon.

There are several clever allusions to Sylvia Plath's works, which does suggest a familiarity with the subject. As well, there are some seemingly obligatory references to the manner in which she died, which is always a slippery slope. Calling the book a satire might excuse this kind of thing, but I find it borders on crass exploitation and quasi-insensitivity.


Anonymous said...

O God, this is precisely the kind of satire about the social stigma of suicide that I find abhorrent and reprehensible.

A quote from the first page: "Open oven. Insert head. Ignore cries of screaming babies". The word tasteless comes to mind...


Anonymous said...

I agree with you ~VC: perfectly tasteless. This kind of writing is morbidly self-indulgent and a severe disservice to the memory of Sylvia Plath. She is not the punchline of a joke, as this Eckhard Gerdes seems to want to make her. I wish Peter would not publicize this kind of filth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for responding! These repellent references to Plath focusing on the manner of her death are tiresome; the joke really is very old now...

Just wanted to add that I don't think Peter is "publicizing" this book, he is informing us of new publications (good or bad). There's a big difference between the two. I for one am interested to know what's out there on Plath.

And in the last line of his post, Peter does refer to the book's content bordering on "crass exploitation and quasi-insensitivity" - hardly positive terms.


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