24 December 2012

P. H. Davies: A Life of Sylvia Plath

I did not expect the tributes for Sylvia Plath to start until closer to the anniversary of her death, but the fine poet and writer P. H. Davies has recently published A Life of Plath: both a blog post as well as a selection of poems written about her and inspired by her. It is the first tribute, therefore. And it is also the one by which all the others - that are I am sure forthcoming - will be compared to. My own 11 February post is currently in draft form, but reading Davies' now makes me want to scrap the whole things and start over.


P.H.Davies said...

Thank you Peter - the first 50th anniversary tribute indeed! I hadn't intended it to be so, but quite happy to take the accolade. Please don't deprive of us of your February tribute - if anyone knows more about Plath it's you!!! I for one look forward to reading it!!!

Anonymous said...

P.H. Davies - Truly fine poems for Plath. Bravo. You really move and inspire me.


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