11 January 2013

Ann Skea's Updated Sylvia Plath Ariel and Tarot page

Scholar Ann Skea has recently added a number of new chapters to her "Sylvia Plath's Ariel and the Tarot" page.

New chapters 2, 3, and 4 are now on line and examine:

2 looks at "Thalidomide", "The Applicant", "Barren Woman", and "Lady Lazarus".

3 looks at "Tulips", "A Secret", and "The Jailer".

4 looks at "Elm", "The Night Dances", and "The Detective".

Additionally, and though they may be subject to change, chapter 5 and 6 and what is included in them is also presented.


Rehan said...

This is awesome. I think both the work of Ann Skea and Julia Gordon-Bramer in this area offer fascinating and fresh insights into the workings of Plath's imagination, also how intricately linked it was with that of her husband.

Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

It is wonderful to see someone doing this hard work of confirming much of what I have published in Plath Profiles. I am in complete agreement about what Dr. Skea says about the poems correlating to the Empress ("Thalidomide"), the Emperor ("The Applicant"), and the Chariot ("Tulips"), although she has only scratched the surface. I have been at this work personally for almost seven years.

I agree in part about the Lovers card. I have much more to say about all of them, but of course I cannot until my work is published (I am speaking with a press now).

I'll be very excited to one day soon be able to present how all of the other Ariel poems do exactly match. I would not be wasting so much time and energy if I weren't completely sure of it.

This blog posted in July a link to my high-level overview on "A Secret", matching the Justice card. I presented this last year at Goodenough College in London at the Lawrence Durrell Centenary: http://sylviaplathinfo.blogspot.com/2012/07/sylvia-plaths-secret-lawrence-durrells.html

Anonymous said...
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