31 January 2013

More on Andrew Wilson's Sylvia Plath Biography

Again, published today, Mad Girl’s Love Song: Sylvia Plath and Life Before Ted by Andrew Wilson (Simon & Schuster) is available for £20 in hardback; ISBN: 9780857205889.

Excerpts have appeared, or will appear in the following print sources:
First serial in Mail on Sunday (20th January/27th January);
Second serial Observer (3rd February);
Sunday Times Culture feature (10th February);
Radio Times (5th February); and
Stylist (30th January)

Look for upcoming print reviews in: Times, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, Guardian, Independent on Sunday, Express, The Scotsman, Evening Standard, and New Statesman.

And on the radio: BBC2 “The Review Show” (8th February), BBC Radio 4 “Book of the Week” (11th February), BBC Radio 4 “Today” (5th February).

Look for Andrew to appear at the following events and location: Cambridge WordFest, Cumbria Words by the Water, Charleston Literary Festival, Edinburgh Festival, Dartington Ways with Words. Please check with venue for date, time, and other relevant information.


Kris Underwood said...

I'm reading this right now. Only two chapters into it so far. Seems like a decent read. What is your opinion on it? And, what about the other one-American Isis?

Kris Underwood said...

Also, I just want to say I absolutely love this blog. I've been a long-time fan of Plath's work and have been reading this blog since you started it.
I always thought Plath was more complicated that she has been presented as over the years. I find it interesting that she has attained such an unattainable mythical position in literature.

Peter K Steinberg said...

Hi Kris! Very kind of you to say that you love the blog. I love that you love it.

I enjoyed both books (American Isis and Mad Girl's Love Song)very much. The interviews really helped, but both authors made wonderful use of the archives and other sources, constructing good readable narratives. I posted mini-reviews on Amazon.com about them. That's about all I'll say on it though and this is due to a certain degree of "closeness" I feel to the books, having contributed information, leads, feedback, etc.


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