08 January 2013

Update on Marianne Egeland's Claiming Sylvia Plath

Claiming Sylvia Plath: The Poet as Exemplary Figure by Marianne Egeland (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013) has reached the final stages in the publication process. Originally scheduled for release on 1 January, the book will now be fulfilled in about 6-8 weeks, I am told.

Egeland is the author of the 1997 Norwegian-language biography of Sylvia Plath and spoke on the topic of her new monograph at the Sylvia Plath Symposium at Oxford in 2007 in a paper titled "The Use and Abuse of a Poet: The Reception of Sylvia Plath." Egeland brings a strong voice to her subject in a book that might ruffles feathers. From the jacket, "Claiming Sylvia Plath is a critical and comprehensive reception study of what has been written about Plath from 1960 to 2010. Academic and popular interest in her seems incessant, verging on a public obsession."

So, like Janet Badia's 2011 Sylvia Plath and the Mythology of Women Readers, Egeland's Claiming Sylvia Plath may focus less on Plath's own compositions and more on those who have read and shaped Plath's reputation. If you missed it, on 28 December I tweeted a sample of the book that I found online. Read it here!


A Piece of Plathery said...

Thank you for this, off to have a read.

Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,

I'm sure you've heard this news, but just in case, Carol Hughes is to write a memoir of her marriage to TH.

Peter K Steinberg said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for the link.


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