New Book on Sylvia Plath: Breaking Down Plath by Patricia Grisafi

Patricia (Trish) Grisafi (website | Twitter) is the author of a forthcoming book on Sylvia Plath entitled Breaking Down Plath (Wiley). It is part of Wiley's "Breaking Down Series" which includes also books on Fitzgerald and Vonnegut. Last week, on Twitter, she revealed the elegant cover, which features a small bell jar and a lovely blue color (Andes Summit blue, per Trish, in case you were curious).

The book is scheduled to be published on 17 August 2021. 17 August is, as you know, the day Ted Hughes was born and, as well, the day in The Bell Jar, when Esther Greenwood attempts suicide. Nicely done.

From Trish's website, 

Breaking Down Plath (Wiley 2021) is a guide to Sylvia Plath geared towards middle and high school students. The guide covers Plath’s biography, cultural and historical contexts, selected poems, fiction, essays, journals, letters, and legacy. With an eye towards demythologizing Plath and focusing on her achievements instead of her suicide, Breaking Down Plath aims to contextualize Plath’s work in the larger scheme of Cold War-era gender politics and anxiety about global nuclear conflict. Close readings of Plath’s work include a survey of critical interpretations as well as original analysis with a section on recurring and evolving themes.

Amazon has a listing already so you should definitely pre-order the title. The book is 128 pages long and the ISBN is 978-1119782384. The cover price is $9.99.

Trish is no stranger to Plath having presented at the 2007 Oxford Plath Symposium ("'He tells me how badly I photograph': Plath, the Camera, and the Politics of Self-Representation") and the 2012 Indiana Plath Symposium ("Staring at Sylvia: The Intersection of Beauty Culture and Disability"), among other conferences.

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