Books About Sylvia Plath For Sale

Thank you for reading this post and considering buying books that are either duplicates or no longer needed as part of my collection. These are books about Sylvia Plath. Shipping costs will be actual.

Poetic Memory by Uta Gosmann $7.50 (has markings)

This one requires an explanation. It's my 2004 biography Sylvia Plath published by Chelsea House. I bought it online, used, in order to have an extra copy on hand. When it turned up, I discovered it was a copy of my book I'd already signed for someone, and prior to their selling it, they removed their name! The nerve!  So, I'll re-sign this took to whomever buys it. $15.00.

If you are interested in any of the books please email at peterksteinberg AT hotmail DOT com.  

Please note there are still some books available from my July sale. And also some translations from earlier in the week, too. Thank you for your support. All proceeds go towards my Sylvia Plath research, the website, this blog, and Twitter.

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