15 June 2007

Sylvia Plath Collections: Photographs of Plath related places

In 2005, I donated 259 photographs of Sylvia Plath related places to the Mortimer Rare Book Room at Smith College.

This is a definitive selection from probably over 1,000 printed photographs from my own personal Plath photograph collection. The photographs were taken from 1995-2005, and include Plath-related places from North America, England, and Ireland. Not only did I take a lot of pictures of Plath-places, but I got some frequent-flier miles too!

The collection includes photographs of Plath's houses, schools, writing subjects, grave, and other places. A good portion of the pictures are scanned and are online at my own Plath web site, A celebration, this is. However, many of the photographs are in the collection only, and do not appear on the web. Included with the collection is a 9 page list of the photographs and a CD-ROM.

I plan to show and talk about some of these photographs at the Sylvia Plath Symposium at Oxford later on this year.

1 comment :

Annika said...

You ought to publish a book with just your photographs. I think it could be a hit - I saw something similar about Raymond Carver recently.

I want to thank you again for your big help with the Symposium. I have now been in contact with the organizers and today I booked my flight. I'm looking forward to hearing you talk about your photographs in October.

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