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Hello. I hope that each of you is well and had a nice summer.  This is a brief blog update to let you know that later this fall, in early November probably, I will be closing down 'A celebration, this is', my website for Sylvia Plath, at the url  I recognize that many people have the website bookmarked and may even refer to it frequently, or infrequently. Like you, I do value the information and do not want to see it just completely disappear. Even I use my own website now with, possibly, alarming regularity.  So, I have started migrating all the information to a new, permanent digital asset management system called Preservica. I am using their Starter option which is free.  The below QR code will take you there. To be honest I only did the QR code because I think it looks cool. You can also just simply click this link if you have not got your mobile phone handy. Each page has been saved as a PDF. Self-referring links to images and pages on the website we