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The Sylvia Plath Zoomposium III Schedule

The Sylvia Plath Zoomposium III, to be held Saturday, 25 July 2020, will start at 10 am NY Time (3 PM London time). Gail Crowther and I thank you all so much for registering and for your attention throughout the hours you will spend in front of your computer or other device. The interest in these Zoom events has been so wonderful. Very warm. The following shows the order of speakers. As with the first two Zomposiums, we will plan to start at 10 am EDT/3PM BST sharp and proceed straight through each speaker with no breaks. The order of the speakers will be alphabetical by last name, so: Janet Badia, Marsha Bryant, Emmeline Downie, Olivia Foster, Gillian Groszewski, Natalie Hurt, Craig Johnson, Jeremy Lowenthal, and Laura McKenzie. Interested in the event? Click here to see registration information . All links accessed 21 July 2020.

Sylvia Plath's Pod steklyannym kolpakom

If you know anything about me, it is that I enjoy foreign editions of Sylvia Plath's novel The Bell Jar . So recently I saw for sale a copy of the novel in Russian, a language I previously did not have, for a reasonable price. You may be able to see some tape and label on the spine. This is an ex-library copy of the novel, withdrawn from circulation from the Boston Public Library. This particular edition dates from 2000. Having a Russian edition makes me really happy given Esther Greenwood's envy of the Russian interpreter who knew so many idioms and her foray with Constantine. This cover has been added to the Translations book cover page of A celebration, this is . Here are the rest of my Bell Jars . All links accessed 18 January 2019.

Sylvia Plath's Postcards: 10 July 1961, Dordogne, France

The last picture postcard that we know Sylvia Plath sent went from the Dordogne, France, to her mother at 3 Chalcot Square, London. Dated 10 July, Plath wrote the postcard which depicts "Montignac-sur-Vézère (Dordogne). Grotte de Lascaux" and send it from Saint-Céré, France, and was postmarked 12 July 1961. A subcaption on the card reads, "Diverticule (paroi droite): Vache rouge et premier des chevaux dits 'Chinois'." It was published by Serv. Commercial Monuments Historiques. Gd. Palais. Av. Alexandre III. Porte G. Paris. There are two stamps on the postcard. One for .25 Francs depicting a woman, designed by Posyes. And another for .05 Francs depicting the Coat of Arms of Oran (Algeria). Aurelia Plath added "Stars Over Dordogne" in blue pen in the top middle of the page. Plath addressed the letter: Mrs. A. S. PLATH c/o HUGHES 3 Chalcot Square London N.W.1 Angleterre Plath and Hughes were toward the end of their holiday and she repo

Sylvia Plath's Postcards: 2 July 1961, Mont St. Michel, France

The second picture postcard Sylvia Plath sent to her mother from France, which is also the second to last one she sent that we know about, depicted "LE MONT SAINT-MICHEL (Manche) Ensemble Sud par Grande Marée." Dated Sunday, 2 July 1961, the postmark was illegible because the cancellation stamp mostly did not cover the postage stamp. Thus, it is unclear on which day it was sent. It was published by Service Commercial Monuments Historiques Grand Palais -- Avenue Alexandre III -- Paris. The stamp was .50 Francs and depicted Tlemcen Grande Mosque. I believe it may have been designed by Pheulpin. The postcard is numbered "2" in pencil in the top right, just to the left of the stamp. Plath reports they are at a "crêperie” in Douarnenez. Oddly, she spelled Frieda's name wrong, which is something I checked and re-checked dozens of times during the project.  Aurelia Plath annotated the postcard, translating "Grande Marée" into English, "high t

The Sylvia Plath Zoomposium III

Gail Crowther and I are doing it again! We are very excited to announce The Sylvia Plath Zoomposium III has been scheduled. We have another line-up of quality international presenters who will all speak on a variety of topics. We are thrilled so many people have an interest in speaking about their research on Sylvia Plath. The event will be held on Zoom, again. The details: Date: Saturday, 25 July 2020. Starting time: 10 am EDT/3 pm BST. Registration for the event will be required. Click Here To Register! The presenters, listed here in alphabetical order, are: Janet Badia (US) Marsha Bryant (US) Emmeline Downie (UK) Olivia Foster (UK) Gillian Groszewski (IE) Natalie Hurt (UK) Craig Johnson (UK) Jeremy Lowenthal (US) Laura McKenzie (UK) All links accessed 22 June and 1 July 2020.