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New Sylvia Plath Info Content

As you know, or should know, I post on Sylvia Plath's first suicide attempt every year on 24 August. Or, I try to. In the past, such blog posts have detailed newly found articles from cities and towns across the United States. This got me thinking: It is fine and dandy to write about them, but how about sharing visuals with you all? Well, I have seen to that. Over on my website for Sylvia Plath, A celebration, this is , visitors can now see and download PDFs or JPGs of all the articles that I have found on Sylvia Plath's first suicide attempt in August 1953. It is my eternal hope that by seeing the list of articles and now the articles themselves, that the sensation this story was, and the concern and chaos and confusion, can be truly grasped. So, please head over to the " Bibliography of Newspaper Articles on Sylvia Plath's First Suicide Attempt in August 1953 " and click around and save some files. Most of the articles come from microfilm either held by

Sylvia Plath in Benidorm

Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes traveled to the end of Spain for their honeymoon in the summer of 1956. After getting married, they went from London to Cambridge to London to Paris to Madrid, where they rested before moving on to Alicante and, ultimately, Benidorm. They left Spain via Barcelona on 22 August 1956, stayed in Paris for about a week, and returned to England on 29 August 1956. In all she had been one the continent for more than two months. This post is about Plath's time in Benidorm and was inspired by Gail Crowther's finding and sending me the following two videos in April: Benidorm in Color, 1950s and Antique photographs of Benidorm . These, in congruence with a long paper on Plath's time Benidorm "De quan Sylvia Plath va vindre a Benidorm" by Pasqual Almiñana Orozco , were positively revelatory in my understanding more clearly than ever Plath's time there. Of course, one cannot consider Plath's time in Benidorm, also, without use of the ri

These Ghostly Archives: The Unearthing of Sylvia Plath

Gail Crowther and I have, today, submitted the manuscript of our book of essays,  These Ghostly Archives: The Unearthing of Sylvia Plath , to our publisher Fonthill. The authors mirroring Plath & Hughes in 3 Chalcot Square, London As many of you may know, Gail and I co-wrote a series of five papers entitled "These Ghostly Archives" which appeared in Plath Profiles from 2009 to 2013. While we encourage you to re-read these papers ( linked here ), please do not memorize them or anything as they have all be revised and expanded extensively. We did this as the narrative of the book is necessarily different to the way they were presented in their annual publications in the journal. The Lilly Library, Indiana University at Bloomington The book has an introduction and eight chapters (5 conversation chapters in the vein of the original papers, two solo chapters, and one jointly written chapter). In addition, we have submitted a number of photographs of Plath (many pr