Sylvia Plath 2009 - Year in Review


Links, reviews, etc. - week ending 19 December 2009

Writing and Reading Life

Sylvia Plath's Passport and Travel Documents

Sylvia Plath &

Update on Narbeshuber's Confessing Cultures

Frieda Hughes' space

Ted Hughes in the News

Two articles

Ariel Mug

A Queen is Crowned: August 24, 1953

Elena Ciobanu's Sylvia Plath's Poetry: The Metamorphoses of the Poetic Self

Sylvia Plath: Did you know...

Sylvia Plath: The Disquieting Muse

Links, reviews, etc. - week ending 7 November 2009

New Publications

Published Today: Olive Edition of The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath Collections: T. Thomas papers, mss

Frieda Hughes' Book of Mirrors out now

Picture Post

Mademoiselle August 1953 on eBay

Sylvia Plath: Double did you know...

Event of Plathian Interest at Columbia College Chicago

Yaddo at Smith

American and British Poetry: A Guide to Criticism, 1925-1978


Teenage Plath writing & artwork acquired by the Lilly Library

Alix Strauss' Death Becomes Them

Sylvia Plath at the Morgan Library

New Sylvia Plath article

Crockett's Colossus

Links, reviews, etc. - Week ending 12 September 2009