08 August 2007

Sylvia Plath's "Tulips" rejected titles

I want to follow up on Plath's rejected titles for the Ariel poems. The poem "Tulips" had three variant, rejected titles: "Sickroom Tulips", "Sickroom Tulips in Hospital", and "Tulips in Hospital". These drafts are not a part of the Smith College holdings as Plath sent the autograph manuscript drafts and a typewritten draft with autograph annotations to her friend Jack Sweeney. Sweeney in turn
gave the poems to the Houghton Library at Harvard in 1966.

What Smith College does have are later typescripts, including some proofs for the poems publication in the New Yorker.

I took this photograph of Plath's grave with tulips on 11 February 2003.

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