06 October 2007

New book: Letters of Ted Hughes

Faber will release the Letters of Ted Hughes, edited by Christopher Reid, on 1 November 2007. The Telegraph recently ran an article, announcing their intention to print extracts in the coming days. I do quite adore the Telegraphs honesty in pulling extracts, "We have, inevitably, concentrated on the relationship with Sylvia Plath, the subject of an enduringly prurient, non–literary fascination."

The mammoth 800-page book will retail for £30.00, but if you buy it early - from amazon.co.uk for example, you could save as much as 50%.

Since 2000, large volumes of letters of some of the twentieth centuries greatest poets such as Dylan Thomas and Robert Lowell have been published. These tomes add much to our understanding of the poets lives. A collected letters of Sylvia Plath would be a most welcome addition to this genre. Having read many unpublished letters in the archives held at Smith College, Indiana University, and King's College, Cambridge University, there is valuable, and pertinent information awaiting a wider readership.

A volume this size should come with a warning!


Melanie Smith said...

Thank you! I am defintely getting this. I also hope Eye-Rhymes is published soon as amazon.co.uk suggests it will be.

Peter K Steinberg said...


You're welcome! I agree about Eye Rhymes!!!


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