27 April 2008

Links, reviews, etc. - Week ending 26 April 2007

The wrap up for last week was pretty exciting, culminating of course with the Sylvia Plath 75th Anniversary Symposium at Smith College on Friday and Saturday. Yes, Julia Stiles and Tristine Skylar were present, in part to enjoy the very good papers, and in part to do research for their forthcoming film adaptation of Sylvia Plath's novel, The Bell Jar. Plath's friends Marcia Brown Stern, Elinor Friedman Klein, and Phil McCurdy were present, as well as author's of critical and biographical works of Plath including Lynda K. Bundtzen, Susan van Dyne, Langdon Hammer, Judith Kroll, Karen Kukil, Richard Larschan, myself, and other. A fuller review of the events will be online later this week.

In other news, on the my Sylvia Plath web site, I have added a bibliography of biofictional representations of Sylvia Plath in the form of novels, poems, plays, songs, etc.

The Bell Jar makes the Telegraph's list of the top 50 Cult Books! Thank you VC.

Today, 27 April, also marks the first anniversary of this blog. Happy Anniversary. Thank you to all the lurkers. Thank you to those who have left comments. And thank you to those who have, in either email or in person, shown appreciation.


Melanie Smith said...

Yay, fabulousness. Happy happy blog anniversary Peter!

Melanie Smith said...

OOH Thanks for the biog' of fictional representations these interest me very much, do you know if Alexander's play script is available?

Peter K Steinberg said...


You're welcome, I had a minor role in compiling that biofictional bibliography. I do not think the script is available. As one might expect, it's an extension of his Rough Magic and is exceedingly and relentlessly aggressive towards Ted Hughes.

Thank you for the anniversary wishes!


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