06 September 2008

Links, reviews, etc. - Week ending 6 September 2008

Welcome to the end of another week!

  • I have no idea when my website for Sylvia Plath, A celebration, this is will be back up. The files are where they need to be, but the content doesn't appear to be live. Fingers crossed it is soon. For any teachers, students, or frequent visitors, please accept my deepest apologies for any inconvenience this down time may be causing. As a stopgap, you can always view the cached page, to get some of the content.
  • Event: From 11 September - 13 September 2008, in Philadelphia, The Ophelia Project is "a poetic journey into the worlds and writing of Virginia Woolf, Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath." The performance is 60 minutes, and will be held at the Media Bureau (MBN) Studios725 N 4th St, Philadelphia. If anyone down there makes it, please post a comment! The work is the creation of Rachel Bowditch, anyone seeking more information on her should click here.
  • Plath is discussed in Anonymity: A Secret History of English Literature by John Mullan. The book was recently reviewed in the Wall Street Journal (September 4, 2008, page A17). John Gross is the reviewer. The book discusses anonymously or pseudonymously published books. Just to think, had Plath not wanted to publish The Bell Jar under the name Victoria Lucas, she might have missed making this book.
  • Andrian Mourby spent some time recently in Yorkshire.
  • Event: On a similar note, from 22-28 October, there will be a Ted Hughes Festival in Mytholmroyd, the town where Hughes was born. This year, 2008, marks the tenth anniversary of Hughes's death. For more information on the festival, please visit The Elmet Trust. Anyone going please feel free to send me impressions, reviews, etc. and I'll post them on the blog.
  • Lastly, this week I made a small, interesting Plath-related discovery at the Woodberry Poetry Room. Stay tuned, as I'll write more about it in a separate blog post in the coming week(s).

Have a nice weekend. Remember to read Plath Profiles. From an anonymous review (not in Mullan's book), "Hours of interesting reading."

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Candice said...

Not sure if you know about Yann Martel's mission to send Prime Minister Stephen Harper a book every two weeks. He accompanies each one with a detailed letter and when I remember to, I check his website. I hadn't in ages and found that he sent Birthday Letters at one point. Thought it was worth a look by my favorite Plath scholar. :)


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