05 November 2008

68 & a maniacal "Did you know..."

Otto Plath died 68 years ago today.

Did you know that Ted Hughes died aged 68, 2 months, and 11 days?

Plath died on 2/11/63.

Did you know that 63 days before Plath died, she moved to London?

Did you know that in Diane Middlebrook's Her Husband: Hughes and Plath - a marriage, the pagination coincides so that on page 211, the author discusses Plath's death? Middlebrook, who passed away last December, was 68. This was 123 days before her next birthday. To recap some numbers, this is 68 x 2 - 11 -2.


Annika said...

Peter, do you by any chance have too much time on your hands?

selfdetermination said...

Thank you for this information about Sylvia Plath.

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