25 February 2009

Two additional essays to look forward to reading

In addition to his forthcoming book Sylvia Plath's Fiction: A Critical Study, please keep an eye out for these two essays by Luke Ferretter:

‘"The Influence of Somebody Upon Something": To the Lighthouse in Sylvia Plath's Work'. Woolf Editing, Editing Woolf: Selected Papers from the Eighteenth International Conference on Virginia Woolf, ed. Eleanor McNees and Sara Veglahn. (Clemson, SC: Clemson University Press, 2009).

‘"What Girl Ever Flourished in Such Company?": Sylvia Plath's Religion'. Yearbook of English Studies: Religion and Literature, ed. Andrew Tate. (London: Modern Humanities Research Association, 2009).

1 comment :

angelictenderbutton said...

I am excited for these & his upcoming book!

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