12 March 2009

Buy Brennan's Book on Plath

Columbia University Press, future publisher of Luke Ferretter's Sylvia Plath's Fiction: A Critical Study, is having a spring sale.

The only Plath title available is The Poetry of Sylvia Plath: Essays, Articles, Reviews edited by Claire Brennan (paperback, 208 pages, ISBN: 978-0-231-12427-0). The original price was $20.50; but it can be yours - while supplies last - for a mere $4.10. If you want the cloth edition, it'll still cost $75.50.

Deborah Nelson's Pursuing Privacy in Cold War America is also on sale at $5.60 (down from $22.00). While not just about Plath, she does receive some coverage. Nelson, you may recall, published the essay "Plath, History and Politics" in Jo Gill's 2006 Cambridge Companion to Sylvia Plath .

If you don't stimulate the economy - no one will!

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