10 March 2009

New Book on Plath Published

UPDATE: 3 April 2009: The book is now available through Amazon.com and other book sites. I've got mine - have you got yours?

CORRECTION: 13 March 2009: The book is not quite ready due to some production problems, but hopefully before too long it will be available for purchase. I'll update as I can.

Released a week ago: Releasing Philosophy, Thinking Art: A Phenomenological Study of Sylvia Plath's Poetry by Ellen Miller. This book is published by The Davies Group Publishers. Amazon lists the book for $24.

The product description reads: "In this first, full-¬length philosophical examination of Sylvia Plath’s work the author develops an applied phenomenological study of her poetry. Releasing Philosophy, Thinking Art explores how Plath's poetic themes overlap contemporary philosophical questions in the philosophy of language, environmental ethics, and feminist theory. This book will appeal to a wide audience in many areas of philosophy as well as those concerned with literature, art criticism, women's studies, and religious studies."


Melanie Smith said...

Must get...

Thanks Peter. I really really am looking forward to The Plath Cabinet and Luke Ferretter's book.

Peter K Steinberg said...

You're welcome Melanie! I have The Plath Cabinet but need to read it again. There was just something that wasn't connecting with me. Luke's book will be a wonderful, wonderful addition to Plath scholarship and should really open up critical approaches and consideration of her fiction going forward. Long neglected, right timing!

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