18 March 2009

Sylvia Plath: One hit wonder

The Times has published a Top 10 list of literary one-hit wonders! Plath's The Bell Jar, made the list. Neatly, they've included the original reviews.

Click here to read what was said on January 24, 1963.

Rather it should say that Victoria Lucas was the one hit wonder, non?


panther said...

"Her condition never seems painfully serious"-I wouldn't say THAT about Esther Greenwood. I wonder what S.P. thought of that. It feels like a put down, as if only men can REALLY understand the pain, anguish, etc of mental illness and incarceration.

I do like reading original reviews. Thanks, Peter.

Laurie said...

The line quoted above is what stuck out for me too. I wonder if around this time, if the protagonist and author were male, if it would be taken more seriously? I'm not a rabid feminist or anything, but it makes me wonder...because it is such a good bit of writing.

And where did you get that great pic of the First Ed. Bell Jar cover?? :)

Thanks for the links, Peter.


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