26 November 2009

Ariel Mug

Now that the holiday season is upon us...

Do you have 10 quid hanging around. If so, you might think about getting yourself a Sylvia Plath Ariel coffee mug. The mug reproduces Faber's 2001 publication and woud likely make drinking coffee, tea, hot chocolate (with Bailey's) a more intense experience.

This also seems an appropriate time to give notice that according to Amazon.co.uk, look for a new hardback edition of Ariel on 6 May 2010.

See Plath's pages on Faber's website here.


Anna said...

One with a quote would be nicer, still I love that one - OF COURSE! ;)

Btw, I got that horrible "Death Becomes Them" book and it's still full of flaws. Remember, we weren't sure, if they maybe corrected the wrong facts before print. Now we know, they didn't.
What a shame :(

laura anne brooks said...

They are out of stock already...Sad!

Peter K Steinberg said...

Thanks for the update about them being out of stock already. I do hope they get more in before too long.


Anonymous said...

Not wanting to support the commercialism of SP's name in ANY way (ahem), I happened to notice that this UK-based website has the Faber Ariel mug in stock (dispatched within 3-5 days):


They also seem to be doing reprints of Ariel, The Colossus and TBJ based on the original cover designs:



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