05 December 2009

Frieda Hughes' space

In today's Observer is "My Space: Frieda Hughes, poet and painter."

The article subtitle is "The daughter of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes on the Welsh home she shares with three dogs and an owl." This must be ironic as as in the article Hughes writes, "I hate forever being known as Sylvia Plath's daughter – I'm my own person."


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear she's divorced from her (3rd?) husband. They were married quite a while, no?

Well, it's thru being Sylvia Plath's and Ted Hughe's daughter that she is able to live in a 15 room house. Otherwise, I don't think she'd be supporting herself on her own poetry and painting (though I do think she is a good painter). kim

Anonymous said...

although i understand why she may resent being known only as sylvia's daughter, i can't help but be fascinated by her because of it. she's a marvelous painter and seems like a remarkable lady. but it makes me sad to hear her say she hates being known as her daughter.

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