06 February 2010

Plath & Hughes & Newman

In the current issue of Hotel Amerika (Columbia College, Chicago) poet Amy Newman has two poems of interest to Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes readers. The poems appear on pages 102-103.

Her poems "The Hanging Man/The Tender Place" and "Fever/Fever 103" both borrow lines from Plath and Hughes' poems. The structure of each poem is line(s) of Plath, line(s) of Hughes, line(s) of Newman. She enters into the conversation in a very clever, original way.

It is certainly one of the more successful examples in this genre where Plath (and Hughes) become the subject of the poem.

For more on Newman, see her website.

At the time of writing, Hotel Amerika's website was down and no other referral information could be found.

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Melanie Smith said...

These sound very interesting Peter

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